Sustainable flooring


As one of Australia's leading sustainable flooring companies, we, at Signature Floors, constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint because we want to leave a better world for future generations.

Our Sustainability

Adaptability has always been Signature's mantra, and as a company that cares for its customers just as much as it cares for the environment, we are continually making changes to attain new sustainability goals for our products. While we are not entirely there yet, we have begun our journey.

To improve the sustainability of our manufacturing process, we currently work with industry accredited bodies rather than create our own in-house standards. Without committing to any one type of equipment, our products are produced with some of the latest sustainable technology. When you buy one of our sustainable floors, you are helping to contribute to a better future.

What's more, our goal as one of Australia's sustainable flooring companies is to take the lead in delivering the latest initiatives for the market.

We're making a bigger impact by reducing ours!

We are proud to announce Signature Floors is now certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. We have made choices and changes in the way we do business to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to net zero.

What is Climate Active?

Climate Active certification is awarded to businesses and organisations that have achieved a state of net zero emissions, otherwise known as carbon neutrality.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means taking action to reduce and remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as an organisation puts into it.

Being carbon neutral means that an organisation has a carbon footprint equal to zero.

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Bringing the concept of sustainable carpets to the fore, our Econyl® collection takes the lead. Saving thousands of sea creatures from being trapped in ghost nets in the ocean, these carpets are constructed from 100 % regenerated nylon collected from recovered fishing nets and discarded fabrics from around the world. Through regeneration, the nylon is broken down to its pure building blocks and polymerised into new high-quality nylon. It's then spun into environmentally-friendly Econyl® yarn that never loses its original quality and can be recycled an infinite number of times. In addition, the premium carpet backing is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, making it a perfect sustainable flooring choice.

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Signature Floors is proud to be one of fifteen leading suppliers of resilient floorcoverings who have committed to provide support for ResiLoop, as a founding member of Australia’s first national stewardship scheme for resilient flooring. ResiLoop is a new product stewardship scheme focused on recycling research and development to address the challenges presented by past, current and future consumption of resilient floorcoverings in Australia. Advancing a circular economy for resilient flooring products such as sheet vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Hybrid flooring, means not only improving how we source raw materials and manufacture these products, it’s also ensuring we retain resources in productive use for as long as possible.



100% sustainable and biodegradable, wool is much gentler on the planet than other choices in flooring.

While synthetic fibres are produced with petroleum-based chemicals, wool is natural and renewable.

Many of our high-end European wool carpets are crafted entirely of undyed wool—their organic shades the result of blending various types and tones together.

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Giving the green light

As a customer, you want to ensure that the product you buy meets the global sustainability standards, and GreenRate™ Level A, accredited by Global Green Tag® helps you make an informed and conscious decision. Global Green Tag® is a certification recognised across Australia, New Zealand and 70 other countries, affirming the product you are using is good for you and the environment's health and safety. Most of our Luxury Vinyl Planks collection is Green Tag® certified, which means they have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) levels and zero toxicity.

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