Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl

A stylish floor that is both comfortable and durable

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Sheet vinyl flooring is a popular flooring choice in many homes today for its durability, practicality and endless design options. It’s made in large sheets and typically features stain and soil-resistant technology. And now, thanks to Signature’s versatile collection, it’s easy to recreate your favourite timber and stone designs. All sheets feature a photographed image of the pattern under the wear layer. The flooring also promises soft, cushioned comfort in stylish designs. What’s more, it is suitable in high foot traffic settings. Plus, it’s resilient in the face of spills, humidity, dirt and wear-and-tear. Also ideal for use within living spaces but also in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Learn more about sheet vinyl flooring here.

Top tip: This flooring choice makes excellent financial sense for rental or investment properties. Especially for its affordable price tag, but also for its easy maintenance routine. Yes, you can mop your floors without worrying about warping. 

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