Temuka - Choices Flooring Exclusive

Temuka - Choices Flooring Exclusive

Presenting the world’s best pure wool carpets

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The Temuka Pure Wool Carpet Collection celebrates nature’s fibre like no other. These carpets are made from 100% New Zealand wool and are exquisitely soft.  What you’re looking, is quite literally one of the world’s most luxurious wool carpets. The ultimate choice for style and lavish comfort at home.

These loop pile carpets are extra heavy-duty, hardwearing and robust. And, with the right kind of care and maintenance will last you a lifetime. A Temuka pure wool carpet is also hypoallergenic and low in odours and toxins. Ultimately the carpet makes for a smart and ecological choice. As a material, it offers insulation properties. This means, your home feels warmer in winter but cooler in summer.

With Temuka, Signature Floorcoverings brings to your home – true luxury, a type of carpet very few flooring companies in Australia offer. On offer are two ranges in this carpets collection – Bayton & Langdale. Learn more about installation and maintenance guidelines here.

  • Fairdale - Temuka - Choices Flooring Exclusive

  • Totera - Temuka - Choices Flooring Exclusive

  • Bayton - Temuka - Choices Flooring Exclusive

  • Langdale - Temuka - Choices Flooring Exclusive

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