Vinyl Plank Flooring

What are Vinyl Planks? And, why you should have them in your home!

Vinyl Planks & Tiles are the modern flooring innovation that looks like wood and stone, but performs much, much better.

Made from flexible, high performance vinyl, each plank or tile has a natural design printed in high resolution. It’s heavy wear layer and surface treatment is extremely hard wearing, stain and scratch resistant, make the icing on the cake on a floor that can take the heavy knocks from the toughest families, and still look fantastic!

Easy to clean, easy to live with, easy on the eye, what’s not to love?

Signature Vinyl Planks Flooring Features


Plank Size

Our vinyl planks and vinyl tiles come in different sizes.

Larger planks can make a room look much bigger. Some rooms, might need smaller planks, particularly if you want to make a herringbone or parquet patter with your vinyl planks.

Be inspired by our gallery to see how many ways you can use vinyl planks to create an amazing floor.

Install options

Permanent stick vinyl planks that joins plank to plank with a permanent adhesive to stick to subfloor. Can also be considered for installation in vinyl bathroom flooring settings.

Pattern Repeat

In nature no wood planks or stone slabs are exactly the same. Our vinyl planks or stone slabs are exactly the same. Our vinyl planks are produced with the widest range of timber plank and stone tile variations to echo the real thing. The more variation in design variations the more realistic the floor will look.

This is described as 'pattern repeat' and tells you how often the same planks or tiles will be repeated in your floor length.

The lower the pattern repeat, the better the result.

Our vinyl planks collections also offer modern, abstract designs for a totally contemporary result.


If you like the look of concrete and stone, but find the real thing cold on your feet, signature vinyl plank flooring features stone and concrete give the look, but without the drawbacks.

Vinyl planks are softer, more cushioned and provide a better acoustic result than natural stone and concrete. And your crockery will thank you - because accidents will happen - but softer vinyl planks will definitely be more forgiving.


Some Signature ranges offer an excellent range of commercial vinyl flooring and can be used in retail shops, offices, factories and other installations needing a great looking floor with exceptional performance.

These commercial grade vinyl planks are also available for your home.

Consult with you flooring retailer to discuss your individual family needs.

Why Signature Floors

We are committed to delivering the best innovations and quality the world can offer. From carpet, hard floors or custom carpet, Signature Floors can always help.

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