ResiLoop is a new product stewardship scheme focused on recycling research and development to address the challenges presented by past, current and future consumption of resilient floorcoverings in Australia. Signature Floors is proud to be one of fifteen leading suppliers of resilient floorcoverings who have committed to provide support for ResiLoop, as a founding member of Australia’s first national stewardship scheme for resilient flooring.

Resilient floorcoverings such as sheet vinyl, linoleum or rubber, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and hybrid tiles, are durable products with use lifespans of 30 years or so. The market for these products has grown significantly over the past decade and Australia consumes over 22 million sqm or 95,000 tonnes of these products annually.

Advancing a circular economy for resilient flooring products means not only improving how we source raw materials and manufacture the products — aspects well covered by third party ecolabel schemes such as Best Practice PVC, Global Green Tag and GECA — it also means retaining resources in productive use for as long as possible.

For Signature Floors, this means constant investment into cutting-edge product design to ensure long service life, re-use and recyclability. It’s about taking responsibility for a wholistic circular system where ‘waste’ is designed out or minimized. And we are working with partners along the supply chain to collaborate and retain resources, reduce environmental impact and optimise value.

With a target start date of late 2024, key to implementing the scheme is confirming local end markets for the recyclates. Along with government funding, Signature Floors has contributed to the investment to continue ResiLoop’s research and manufacturing trials and to begin the preparation for scheme start-up.

ARFA President, Dan Lovell has said “We really appreciate the commitment from these companies, the willingness to step up and make this investment to help drive a circular future for floorcoverings in Australia. These companies become the Founding Members of ResiLoop Limited, the product stewardship organisation which will manage the scheme.”

Supporting ResiLoop initiatives reinforces Signature’s existing commitment to the environment. As one of Australia’s leading sustainable flooring companies, we are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint because we want to leave a better world for future generations. Signature Floors is certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. We have made choices and changes in the way we do business to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to net zero. When you buy one of our sustainable floors, you are helping to contribute to a better future.