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Are you looking for a truly water-resistant flooring that is designed to suit every facet of your lifestyle? Don’t look any further! Signature Floors introduces – Aquaplank ® laminate floor. Walk inside from the pool and relax! Put the kids in the bath and relax. Entertain in your kitchen and living area – and completely relax! Aquaplank laminate floors are the ultimate stress-free, water resistant floors that won’t warp, buckle or fail in any room of your home.

Also, AquaPlank laminate floor comes with a Lifetime Residential warranty.  These floorboards are scratch, stain and burn resistant. They feature an extra hard wearing clear, enhanced UV cured coating. Thus, making good on it’s promise as a leader in flooring options. You can now refer to this guide for details on all features that make AquaPlank Laminate planks the best in market.

The AquaPlank® Tight Lock installation method is fast and easy. It secures each plank firmly in position. The stable core can be installed in up to 400m2 areas without transition strips in-between the laminate planks. Consequently, you  can be install AquaPlank® over most sub-floors, including underfloor heating. Your new floor will be much quieter, warmer and more cushioned too. These are the benefits of its LuxeLay™ underlay which makes it ideal for second storey rooms and hi-rise dwellings. Click here to learn more about the installation process.

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