Eco-Friendly Excellence: Signature Floors’ Hybrid Planks with Liteback Technology


In an age where sustainability is no longer a mere trend but a necessary ethos, Signature Floors continues to prioritise eco-friendly design that creates sustainable flooring solutions. With their visionary approach and use of innovative Liteback technology pioneered by Välinge, you can be assured that all of Signature’s hybrid flooring ranges have a light-weight impact on the planet.

Liteback features milled channels that remove 20% of the physical weight from the core, resulting in a durable and lightweight flooring solution that is a breeze to handle. Combined with Välinge’s industry-leading 5G floor locking system, installation is faster and easier than ever before. The milled material is then recycled and reused, dramatically curbing the consumption of raw materials, resulting in a lighter carbon footprint and lower cost to the environment.

Signature Floors champions recycling initiatives. By utilizing the Liteback technology, which enables the removed material to be re-used in production of new floor products, they help promote a practical circular economy. This forward-thinking approach not only diverts waste from landfills but also fosters the reutilization of valuable resources, creating a positive ripple effect for a greener future.



Harmony in Every Step: Signature Floors’ Liteback Technology Redefines Acoustic Comfort in Hybrid Flooring


Liteback also provides superior acoustic performance, where the grooves help to disperse both impact sound vibrations and radiated walking sounds, significantly reducing noise transfer to rooms below, creating a haven of tranquility, ideal for use in upstairs rooms and for apartments.

Quattro, Dimension and Distinct, the hybrid ranges designed by Signature Floors, seamlessly blend breathtaking aesthetics with unmatched performance, all while minimizing their ecological footprint. By choosing

Signature Floors’ hybrid ranges with Liteback technology, discerning customers can embrace a lifestyle that champions both sophistication and environmental stewardship.

Signature considers thoughtful home design, factoring in human experience and behaviour. In that, spaces are visually appealing, functional and comfortable – enriching and nourishing those living within them.

With a solid core that contains no harmful content, a long-lasting durable PUR wear layer you can rely on, and superior noise reduction – plus sustainable design – these ranges offer customers the opportunity to enhance their spaces and prioritize sustainability, creating a positive impact on our planet for generations to come. Explore our hybrid flooring ranges here.