It may seem overwhelming to choose the right carpet for your home as there are many factors to consider. We have simplified everything down to the basics to help you in your journey and make sure you’re well-equipped to decide on the dream carpet for your home.





Think of your favourite wool sweater – that’s the warm feeling you experience with the Signature Wool collection. Enjoy the comfort of organic fibres which offer inherent naturally occurring benefits such as hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties, making them an ideal choice for allergy-friendly environments. Wool’s hygroscopic nature enables efficient moisture regulation, preventing mold and mildew growth while providing thermal insulation for a comfortable indoor climate. Additionally, wool’s natural flame resistance and low smoke emission enhance fire safety, contributing to a secure living space. Natural options like sheep and yak wool offer a tactile and textured experience, providing insulation benefits that keep your home comfortable year-round. Our Brit & Jaro ranges incorporate yak hair for a superior performing and naturally sustainable fibre that enhances the durability of these carpet blends. Find out more here.




Once you’ve felt Cashmere Touch for yourself, you won’t want to live with anything else! Signature has truly perfected the epitome of softness with the Cashmere Touch Collection. These carpets not only redefine the concept of luxury underfoot but also transform living spaces into cosy havens that exude style and sophistication. It may make you think something so soft couldn’t be strong, however, this is not the case. All nylons are made using a thin or fine denier of yarn. The unparalleled luxuriousness and durability of Cashmere Touch carpets stem from their fine gauge and high-density pile. This is what adds to the natural ‘springiness’ found in nylon carpets, which is beneficial for appearance retention as the fibres readily bounce back into shape, even in high-traffic areas.


Our luxurious Cashmere Touch range is split into Solution Dyed Nylons and Colour Guard Nylons.



SDN is created by adding colour to the fibre while in liquid form, so the colours become part of the fibre, making the carpet inherently fade resistant with long-lasting colour vibrancy.



Colour Guard® Nylon is an ultra-soft new-age white nylon yarn where fibres are dyed after the carpet has been made. Colour Guard® treated white nylon carpets have an added layer of treatment for enhanced colour longevity and protection against light.




A robust, stain and fade resistant material for outdoor spaces like pool areas, boats or caravans. The hardwearing polypropylene carpets like Signature’s Needlepunch carpets are specifically made to withstand heavy-duty industrial wear, especially in spaces with large heavy objects like gyms and garages. Providing exceptional durability, tested UV fade-resistance, and mould & mildew resistance, these carpets perform brilliantly in harsh Australian conditions where all else would fail!



Pile describes the length, finish and density of the material fibres threaded through the backing to create the carpet. Your choice of pile will have an impact on the finish and durability of your carpet. Low pile carpet is easier to clean and fares better in high traffic areas like hallways. High pile feels extremely plush under the feet and may be better suited to comfort-focussed areas like bedrooms and living rooms.



Choose a colour that suits the mood and tone of your space. Neutrals work well in most rooms, anchoring your room’s design without taking away attention from the things you’re looking to highlight in the space. Lighter colours can make small bedrooms feel more expansive. Dark carpets in the dining room, for instance, could hide accidental spills and make a large room feel cosier. Our Charmeuse and Mink ranges offer a variety of 22 beautiful colours, so you can be sure to discover your dream carpet.






Consider the function and traffic patterns of each space. For bedrooms, where comfort and warmth are paramount and there is potentially lower foot traffic, a luxuriously plush high pile carpet like Arelia or Scarlet ranges might be an excellent choice.

In living areas, where foot traffic is higher, tracking may be a consideration, so a lower pile, low lustre carpet like Aviva or Callista could be great options.

Regular vacuuming is the first line of defence against dirt and wear. It’s particularly important in high-traffic areas to maintain the carpet’s appearance. For wool carpets, it’s important to consider the type of vacuum as bristled heads can cause fuzzing and disrupt the smooth appearance of wool.

Periodic professional cleaning helps extend the life of your carpet and ensures a deep, thorough cleanse. It’s especially beneficial for active family homes with children, pets or heavy foot traffic for addressing stubborn dirt.

For a full care & maintenance guide, click here.




If you have kids or pets, durability and stain resistance are vital. Signature Wool are great options, naturally repelling stains and trapping airborne dust to reduce allergy triggers. Keep in mind that claws can disrupt some carpets with loop piles as they constantly pull on the fibres. Nylon carpets are particularly suitable for wet cleaning, as their fibres don’t absorb water like wool. However, wool is inherently antimicrobial and repels dust in its natural state.



If your spaces at home allow a lot of natural light in, you would want to also consider UV protection and how this can affect colour over time. Our nylon carpets are specifically created with an added layer of treatment that helps prevent colour fading.


By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect carpet for your home. Whether you prioritise comfort, durability, or style, finding the right balance will create a welcoming atmosphere that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

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