The Stables collaborates with Signature Floors - Featuring Signature’s European Pure Wool carpet

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The project by the founder of the boutique styling company – The Stables, was the building of two homes side by side in just 12 weeks. One home was to be her ‘forever home’ where she and her family would live, and the other, an investment home for rental return. “It was just complete madness” says Catherine. “But we did it! And the results are spectacular.”

Selecting floor coverings for the two properties divided into two categories, luxury for her home, and most importantly, premium looks and exceptional performance for the family rental property. “I didn’t want to worry about how the floors would perform under the day to day chaos of busy family lives. Working with the Signature team, I was able to get just what I wanted, and more!” she said.

2 Homes in Just 12 Weeks and we did it!

Catherine selected a combination of Signature’s European Pure Wool carpet and Moderne Oak Timbers for her ‘forever home.’

Signature’s European Pure Wool carpet

“The luxury of pure wool carpets bring a fabulous natural feel to the space. I also decided to team the wool – Nobby in Aniseed – in the bedroom zones with a light, Moderne Oak timber floor in Ash Blonde for the stairs and living zones on ground level.

For home 2, the investment property, Catherine chose Signature’s phenomenally soft LuxCloud solution dyed nylon carpet from the Arelia collection called Delicate Feather. “I had no idea that you could get such beautifully soft carpet that was also 7 star rated for extra heavy duty performance”, she said. “It was a revelation that this soft-as-silk carpet was also stain and fade resistant – with a 20 year guarantee. And for families with kids and dogs, that’s peace of mind, right there” she said.

LuxCloud solution dyed nylon carpet from the Arelia collection called Delicate Feather


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