Carpet Tiles that Champion Colour & Wellbeing

Colour is a vital tool in workplace design. And, with good reason. In fact, colour psychologists have noted that colours tend to not only impact employee feelings and happiness, but also their productivity and wellbeing. Businesses globally are now using colour psychology to their benefit to trigger positive moods, boost creativity, etc. Case in point: The Endeavour Energy workplace in Sydney. Here, WMK Architecture is seen relying on Signature’s carpet tiles to imbue the workspace with a refreshing vibe.

Colour helps zone spaces in this office, with flooring as the predominant method to create this differentiation. In that, our bold and vibrant Vivid carpet tiles feature prominently in a multitude of spaces. In some areas, hues of blue and green deliver a feeling of calm, wellbeing, and composure, while brighter shades in other areas lend energy and zing. The flooring also delivers outstanding soil resistance, acoustic support and walking comfort – making it ideal for new-age workplaces like Endeavour Energy. Floors are additionally GreenRate Level A certified for Green Star projects and come with Declare labels. Tiles also help contribute to points in the WELL Building Standard. Looking for more GreenTag certified floors? Explore Signature’s vinyl flooring range today.

Discover astute insights into the future of office design in a post COVID world with Christopher Pullin, from WMK Architecture. The design also sheds light on the importance of floor coverings in supporting employees and a business’ goals.

Products featured: Vivid carpet tiles

Designer: WMK Architecture

Photography: Raw Life Studios