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Signature Studio is the business’ dynamic custom design-driven arm, creating innovative surface designs for our customers in Australia & New Zealand. In fact, it’s quite literally, a place for ideas and exploration, to dream and refine your vision. Signature Studio custom carpet also extends to five fully customisable carpet design mediums. These include woven, hand-tufted, dye-injection, tufted and modular. But that’s not all. With our team of talented textile designers, you’ll also be able to choose from myriad unique fibres, manufacturing techniques and sumptuous colours.

Now enjoy an end-to-end solutions partnership when you choose Signature Studio to create designer carpets. This means, our team of experts stay at your disposal from ideation through to execution. And, whether you’re inspired by abstraction, nature or the built world – you can get as creative with your brief as possible.

The Way We Work


Adaptive By Design

This is an ideal choice for wall-to-wall carpets and one-off, bespoke rugs. In fact, hand-tufted floor coverings are popular for delivering a premium feel and a finer denier yarn. They are especially well suited for the high-end market.

Additionally, hand-tufted carpets are composed of yarns such as silk, bamboo, wool among others. What's more, they enable both design and shape to be fully customised to your requirements. Some of these options include stipple yarns. Plus, an exciting range of combinations and constructions to create a distinctive, designer results.

Technical & Requirement Overview

Minimum Order20m2 Lead Time12 Weeks Cost Supply$$$$ Number of Colours16 Fibre Type80% Wool / 20% Nylon Cut Loop Textured Carved Large Scale Design Pattern Match Backing Options Hand Trial14 Days

Woven Carpet

Axminster carpets offer a combination of absolute luxury and craftsmanship in flooring. And, with Signature Studio you get to choose from a range of stylish colours. This makes the woven medium ideal for commercial applications and heavy traffic areas. Especially, public spaces, hotel bedrooms, corridors and function rooms. What makes these floor coverings a particularly luxurious choice comes down to their composition. In fact, it's made of 80% wool, 20% nylon and features yarn interwoven into the backing. This makes the carpet extra durable while also offering a wonderfully plush look and feel.

Technical & Requirement Overview

Minimum Order200m2 Lead Time12 Weeks Cost Supply$$ - $$$$ Number of Colours16 Fibre Type80% Wool / 20% Nylon Cut Loop- Textured- Carved Large Scale Design Pattern Match Backing Options- Hand Trial2 Days

Dye Injection - Printed

The possibilities are genuinely endless with dye injection carpets. This is because the medium utilises pinpoint design precision. You also benefit from endless colour choices on varied textured bases. In fact, our durable, canvas white nylon carpet substrate and high definition 76 DPI ink jets ensure the only limitations are your imagination. So, if you have an idea and think it can’t be done, talk to us. Dye injection may well be the solution.

Technical & Requirement Overview

Minimum OrderVelour 200m2 Textured 500m2 Lead Time12 Weeks Cost Supply$$ - $$$$ Number of ColoursCMYK Fibre TypeNylon Cut Loop Textured Carved- Large Scale Design Pattern Match Backing Options- Hand Trial14 Days

Tufted Carpet

Different degrees of loops and tip shearing create tufted’s strikingly textural effect. Additionally, tufted carpets are crafted from branded solution-dyed nylon in a kaleidoscope of colours, metallic and fluorescent yarns. The carpet's good looks are further enhanced with high-level durability. This makes it an excellent choice for public spaces, bedrooms, corridors and other high traffic zones.

Technical & Requirement Overview

Minimum Order420m2 Lead Time12 Weeks Cost Supply$ - $$$ Number of Colours6 Fibre TypeSDN Cut Loop Textured Carved- Large Scale Design Pattern Match Backing Options- Hand Trial14 Days

Modular Carpet Tiles

Versatile. Durable. Interchangeable. Flexible. This is Modular. Now, explore colour patterns and textures in an array of tessellations and layouts as well as plank, tile or other individual shapes. What's more, since modular tiles are made from nylon yarn, they're simple to install and maintain. They can also be easily replaced, making them ideal for high traffic commercial areas. Lastly, add in cushion backing for extra comfort underfoot and superior acoustics.

Technical & Requirement Overview

Minimum OrderSemi Custom 100m2 Full Custom 1000m2 Lead Time8 Weeks Cost Supply$$ - $$$ Number of Colours6 Fibre TypeSDN / Nylon Cut Loop Textured Carved- Large Scale Design- Pattern Match- Backing Options- Hand Trial14 Days

Let's Design Together

Our design team is always excited to collaborate on new creative flooring projects. So, if you have a design or technical request, please feel free to connect with us.

design@signaturefloors.com.au design team 03 9401 0888