Constant Improvement Drives Us Every Day

At Signature Floorcoverings we understand that there is a limit to the world’s resources and that every decision that we make has a clear consequence on future generations.


Manufacturers can no longer maintain processes which deliver the best bottom line results, nor can they cling on to the old habits.

Signature Floorcoverings can quickly adapt to changing market and sustainability demands by partnering with the best factories from across the globe that meet our strict sustainability requirements. Signature Floorcoverings is not committed to any one type of equipment, which means that our products are produced with the latest most sustainable technologies of our time. We are also proud to be the leading exporter of Australia’s strict environmental standards for production of floorcoverings to global manufacturers of the flooring industry. This ensures the most sustainable result is achieved.

Signature Floorcoverings chooses to work with the current industry accredited bodies to improve the sustainability of floorcoverings manufacturing rather than create our own in-house standards. The road to complete sustainability is a long one, however the journey has begun and Signature Floorcoverings is taking a lead in delivering the latest sustainable initiatives the market has seen. Constant improvement drives us every day!


Green Tag

Accredited as Australia’s first Eco-Specifier Green Tag® GreenRate™ certified carpet tile flooring product, Signature Floorconcepts’ carpet tile collections set the benchmark for environmentally friendly commercial flooring with their Level A Rating.

Signature Floorconcepts are now clear leaders in the choice of flooring products to satisfy your sustainability needs, and even if your project isn’t Greenstar focused why wouldn’t you use a product that offers such valuable independent accreditations and won’t cost you any more. The world’s desire for green buildings has created a huge demand for green products. Specifiers are actively seeking sustainable products and need to know which are better than others – and a way to sort claim from fact. In helping specifiers see instantly how a product rates against typical solutions, Eco-Specifier Green Tag® and GreenRate™ accreditation programs provide the industry with the assurance that accredited products have met the most stringent standards required for green building certification, and healthier living.

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A nutrition label for building products.

A Declare label answers three questions:

Where does a product come from?
What is made from?
Where does it go at the end of its life?

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Signature is the first Australian Carpet manufacturer to publish third party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and are available for all of our Thermo Bak and Comfi Bak Carpet Tiles.

What is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable data and other relevant environmental information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product.

Multiple datasets are included in an EPD: resource consumption of energy, water and renewable resources, and emissions to air, water and soil. This data is aggregated using multiple environmental impacts including contributions to climate change (carbon footprint), air, water and soil pollution and resource depletion.

Other relevant impacts and environmental information may also be included. This may include data on product performance, the company’s environmental management system or other environmental certifications.

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Signature Floorcoverings Pty. Ltd understands the need for innovation and leadership in the area of product stewardship. Furthermore, as a quality supplier of flooring products, Signature Floorcoverings Pty. Ltd appreciates that corporate, social and environmental responsibility goes beyond the point of sale and warranty periods. Signature Floorcoverings Pty. Ltd and its manufacturing partners are committed to responsible life cycle management and the core principles of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility.

We understand that stewardship solutions need to be realistic, manageable and importantly reflect realistic cost implications. The Australian market currently offers little in the ability to effectively recycle end of life materials, that is the separation and reuse of both backing and fibre used to produce carpets. Options, such as recolouring for resale of product strongly limits subsequent users in product construction and colouring, and the realistic demand for ‘second hand’ product is extremely low.

The prospect of transportation to overseas purpose built recycling facilities provides little benefit once the total environmental footprint is assessed. Our manufacturing facility is located near one of only two carpet recycling facilities in the world. We have the ability to separate and recycle returned materials. However like other manufacturers sending these material overseas for processing does not make sense for the purposes of sustainability.

Our solution, as clearly demonstrated in the GPT building at 530 Collins Street Melbourne project, is a reuse program, in conjunction with a recycle program. To date, this single project has seen in excess of 33,000m2 of our competitor’s products being taken back, cleaned, donated and reused in community projects.

Our use of premium fibres, particularly Antron, sees Signature products now being able to offer significant warranties. In effect most commercial carpet tiles will not ‘wear out’ and this allows us to confidently offer a realistic ‘re-use’ program of stewardship. For further details on our achievement at the 530 Collins St project can be provided by contacting your Signature Floorconcepts representative.

Our products are designed for disassembly; materials that could not be salvaged through a simple clean and reuse program could still be salvaged for complete recycling. Also, our current Product Stewardship system has been 3rd party accredited by Eco Specifier which enabled us to be certificated as Green Tag Green Rate level A.

The Signature Floorcoverings Pty. Ltd Product Stewardship Policy and Lifecycle Management Plan is as detailed below:

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners and suppliers we will take back all carpet, carpet tile, vinyl & hybrid plank and rubber tile flooring products and re-use and recycle in the following ways:

• Refurbishment of Signature carpet tile, vinyl & hybrid plank and Signature Rubber tile products for possible reuse by existing customer or on selling/remarketing to new customers.
• On selling or donation of carpet tile, vinyl & hybrid plank and Signature Rubber tile in existing condition, or refurbished if required, to other commercial businesses or organisations.
• Disassembly of Signature Rubber tile for component and/or materials reuse in new product manufacturing.

The Well Building Guide

The WELL Building Standard is an evidence-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and well-being.

The International Well Building Institute's mission is to improve human health and well-being through the built environment. The standard focuses on seven concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness Comfort and Mind.

Individuals who work in WELL Certified environments have expressed the positive impacts their WELL offices have had on their productivity and performance.

Flooring is not a specific component of the Well Building Standard however Signature's products can contribute to points on Well projects.

Green Building Council

Signature Floorcoverings have been members of Green Building Council of Australia for 10 years! As a long-term supporter, we have helped to deliver healthy, resilient and positive places.

We take sustainability seriously and we are proud to be a long standing GBCA member to share our expertise, influence industry and learn from one another.

The Green building council has been set up to:

• Standardise measurement of green buildings
• Promote integrated building design
• Recognise environmental leadership
• Identify building life-cycle impacts
• Raise awareness of green building benefits
• Reduce overall impact of buildings on the environment

Greenstar has been setup by the Green Building Council of Australia to enable the quantifiable measurement of sustainability for construction projects. Depending on the performance to set criteria, buildings are awarded between 1 to 6 stars with 6 stars being the highest possible rating.

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