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What’s Your Colour Signature?

Colour transforms spaces, places, even people. And, often, it creates an impact that’s profound and distinctly personal. Sometimes magical. Introducing Vivid 202 carpet tiles offering a kaleidoscope of colours, flexibility and freedom of choice. With that, an unrivalled ability to define your colour signature.  Take a plunge and experience unexpected possibilities with an extensive array of colour choices. Also, benefit from short lead times with 202 stocked colours.

Enjoy the ultimate creative opportunity. Select your favourite Vivid 202 highlight colour to design custom combinations for quantities as low as 50m2. Alternatively, mix and match between our curated, stocked collections. Or explore custom layout opportunities with the Signature Studio creatives. Whether stocked or custom-ordered, all Vivid 202 carpet tiles are available in 10 Shapes® by Signature.

Sustainable practices underpin everything we do, supported by our GreenRate™ Level A certification from Global Greentag. ™ We also promote material transparency with Declare labels while actively increasing our products’ recycled content. Our Comfi Bak cushion backing is, in fact, made from 100% recycled pet bottles. With every m2 we produce, we also divert 48 PET bottles from landfills. Lastly, Signature is committed to closing the loop with carpet tile recycling in Australia as we work towards becoming carbon neutral.  With the growing importance of colour psychology in space design, Vivid 202’s extensive palette helps you create flooring aligned with specific goals like productivity, improved attention spans, etc.

Looking for industrial carpet tiles with a creative edge? Discover a world of opportunities with Vivid 202 today.

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