Improving wayfinding with office flooring

Modern workplaces are harnessing the power of colour psychology and its impact on employee outcomes like health, wellbeing and productivity. As the mindset around office design evolves – we see more offices using colour creatively. A popular trend includes incorporating colour in flooring. This is, in fact, something our clients, EJE Architecture, have done with absolute finesse in the Lake Macquarie City Council workplace design project.

commercial carpet tiles | office flooring | workplace design project | Signature Floors

The project brief

Matthew Jackson, Interior Designer, EJE Architecture, talks about the brief for this expansive space. “Our brief was to improve wayfinding and staff amenity while enhancing the overall workspace to accommodate the growing and diverse staff.”  The designers chose Signature for our broad product portfolio. But, that’s not all.  Thanks to a strong working relationship, it also offered them the peace of mind needed in specifying our carpet tiles.

commercial carpet tiles | office flooring | Signature Floors

On choosing Pixel Static

“We needed a product range that worked as a general flooring solution as well as a vibrant feature. It needed to come in a range of coordinating colours and withstand a high traffic commercial environment. All this while not being too busy or overwhelming the space. That’s why we chose Pixel Static and used 11 different colours from the range.”

industrial grade carpet squares | workplace flooring | colour psychology with coloured flooring | carpet tiles by Signature Floors

The requirements

Signature Floors was required to deliver a large quantity of these commercial carpet tiles across various project stages. With stock available and ready to go, we were able to meet EJE’s short timeframes and modest budget. The chosen products also tie into the colour story for each floor, complementing the essential palette, upholstery fabrics and acoustic panelling.

In terms of installation areas, the carpet tiles feature throughout the entire workplace design project. The accent colours are predominant in meeting rooms, training rooms and quiet booths. Speaking of his experience collaborating with Signature, Matthew says, “In a challenging project with many moving parts, working with Signature was a breeze. In fact, the client was thrilled with the outcome! Signature stayed committed to the project and its brief, delivering a quality product and maintaining good, clear communication.”

Photography: Alexander McIntyre

Carpet tiles used: Pixel Static