Delineating activity zones with Fusion carpet planks

At the recent refurbishment and extension of Deakin University, H2o Architects collaborated with Signature to install new flooring across the workstation and meeting spaces. Keeping in mind the issue of noise transmission in an open plan workspace – the designers chose carpet tiles. This was with the aim of maintaining quieter spaces. In terms of choices, they selected monochrome tones from the Fusion range as the base carpet, introducing green highlights to identify breakout and circulation zones from enclosed spaces.

Speaking about the project Vanja Joffer, Associate Architect from H2o Architects, adds, “The overall goal was to create large circular zones within the flooring, to delineate the open plan and enclosed areas. We like the plank format as it looks more dynamic and elegant from a square tile. The different colours in the Fusion range allowed us to achieve this. In addition, the client also wanted carpet tiles that wouldn’t show up coffee stains, which this product achieved.”

Project: Deakin University

Designer: H2o Architects

Products used: Fusion Carpet Planks

Fusion's textured carpet planks for zoning

carpet tiles for acoustic comfort