Artistic custom carpets by Signature Studio

Original custom carpets with seamless designs and zero pattern repetition – Chirnside Park Country Club’s stunning flooring design makes an impressive statement from the word go. In fact, the project is a stellar example of a successful creative partnership between Signature Studio and BSPN Architecture. It’s also a gorgeous instance of the capabilities of the woven medium.

The designs take inspiration from subtle organic textures and motifs found in nature. The architects also supplied detailed mood boards in conjunction with face-to-face meetings to crystallise the artwork ideas. Especially, elements like scale, colour and construction. The Studio team then created designs through digital rendering techniques, fusing hand-drawn motifs, photo collaging and pattern layering.

In the final layout, dappled light, foliage and the shadows of trees combine to create these stunning custom carpets. The earthy colours combine with delicate mark-making/linework to create seamless placement designs. The absence of repeat patterns, combined with natural lighting and the use of timber finishes, lends the carpet the appearance of a giant artwork splayed across the floor. It features intricate detailing, rich colour,  executed with immaculate perfection by the Studio’s textile design team. Guests and employees also experience higher degrees of underfoot comfort thanks to the carpet’s unique construction (80% wool 20% nylon with yarn interwoven into the backing).


Project: Chirnside Park Country Club
Photographer: Dylan James
Products used: Custom Woven Carpet

custom carpet by Signature Studio