Pixel makes creativity a game. Colours, textures and patterns are all combined with your creative skill

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Shift - Pixel

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The Pixel Shift carpet tiles range features solution-dyed nylon fibre and is available in 30 playful colours. Shift’s spectrum invites next-level innovation whilst also delivering outstanding resistance to soiling, staining, crushing and wear. If you’re considering choosing commercial flooring with in-built versatility, this stunning range is the way to go. Moreover, products are in stock and available to ship immediately in Australia. This helps you go from planning, execution to installation seamlessly. In case you’re after more flexibility, the range pairs exceptionally well with flooring choices like Signature’s woven vinyl tiles.

You can also specify Shift carpet tiles in 10 Shapes ® by Signature for a minimum order quantity of 50m2. For added walking comfort, you could specify these tiles in a choice of two cushion backings – Thermo Bak & Comfi Bak. Cushions backings are also excellent when it comes to enhancing your floor’s longevity and appearance retention. What’s more, Comfi Bak is made from 100% recycled PET. This means for every m2 of Comfi Bak produced, we help rescue 48 PET bottles from landfills. The range is GreenRate Level A certified by Global GreenTag, ensuring your project’s sustainability goals are met. It’s time to make your mark and prepare for clever new combinations you didn’t see coming. Order a sample today. 

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