“Nestled in the heart of Coburg, Melbourne, lies a site steeped in history and intrigue: the Pentridge Precinct. Once a solemn place of incarceration and solitude, it is now reborn into a vibrant space, blending luxury accommodation, dining and entertainment to create a new legacy honouring community and embracing the spirit of the present while paying homage to its storied past.”



In collaboration with award winning interior design firm CHADA, Signature Floors played a pivotal role in transforming and repurposing this historic location into a modern and dynamic hub. CHADA’s approach was considered, focusing on celebrating freedom while respectfully acknowledging the prison’s past.

Interlude Urban Retreat:

At the heart of the transformation lies the exclusive Interlude Urban Retreat, a boutique hotel which attentively nods to the penitentiary’s past. Embark on pure indulgence with the inclusions of luxurious amenities and a personalised approach, capturing the essence of rejuvenation. Signature Floors’ bespoke woven Axminster carpets , meticulously designed and crafted to accommodate each suites layout, not only provides acoustic and thermal benefits but a softness underfoot, the perfect foundation inviting guests to experience and unwind.



Olivine Wine Bar:

One of the precinct’s most talked about spaces is the Olivine Wine Bar, where history meets luxury in an intriguing and intimate setting. Dimly lit and full of character, bespoke Axminster carpet by Signature Floors, anchors the bar and its private booths, adding to the mystery and allure of the venue. With the iconic original bluestone walls kept in place, guests are invited to breathe new life into the space and savour the moment with the finest drinks menu on offer.



The Chapel Function Room:

Enter the Chapel, where celebration and new beginnings are now the narratives. A 10 metre high peaked ceiling is grounded by Signature Floors’ custom Axminster carpet, designed to withstand spills and stains, and heavy foot traffic known to occur in function rooms, as well endure the sunlight beaming through the heritage arched windows. The combination of old and new come together in a well thought out and sophisticated way.



The Meri Creek Room

A stones throw from Coburg’s Merri Creek and surrounding parklands, The Merri Creek Conference Room and Foyer is a destination for moments of productivity and inspiration. A quality crafted custom Axminster carpet designed by the Signature Studio team was created to harness collaboration and creativity, serving as the perfect canvas for conversation and listening. Known for its arts community, local artwork curated for the space was the inspiration behind the colours and patterns considerately translated onto the carpet.



Nothing short of remarkable— the Pentridge Precinct is the cornerstone of connection with dedicated spaces for the community to come together in a space that honours the past while embracing the future. Recognised as one of the world’s leading Interior Design Studio’s, CHADA’s partnership with Signature Floors is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration.