What is Circul8?

Circul8 is Signature Floors’ local carpet tile recycling initiative in Australia, reaffirming our ongoing commitment to closing the loop and creating a circular economy. Your Signature carpet tiles are designed with longevity and performance in mind. However, when it comes time to say goodbye to your flooring, carpet tiles can be returned as part of our product stewardship. Returned tiles are first assessed and ultimately reused or recycled through a process of rejuvenation and yarn regeneration.

Discover the Circul8 workflow
Pathway 1: Reinstate

For tiles that are in a good condition

  • Salvaged tiles are restored and introduced back into the flooring marketplace.
  • Since individual materials aren’t processed further and simply reused, no additional footprint is created.
Pathway 2: Rejuvenate

For tiles that have too much ‘wear.’

  • Signature’s in-house recycling equipment separates the yarn from the backing. In doing this, it also rejuvenates the face of the tile.
  • This refurbished tile is then launched back into the marketplace.
Pathway 3: Regenerate

For use as raw material in new tiles

  • Extracted yarn from the rejuvenation process is sent to Aquafil to be regenerated back into nylon for use in new carpet tile manufacturing.
Understanding the Circular Economy & Circul8

Our initiative relies on the circular economy business model that rethinks how products are formulated, minimising unnecessary resources. We reduce the toxicity of core materials with carpet tiles composed of recyclable materials and low embodied energy. The local recycling system also turns goods at the end of their life into resources for others to use through repair, upgrades and retrofits, thus minimising waste. Ultimately, the Circul8 initiative makes it possible to use existing products for the longest time possible, and as a brand, allows us to give back more than we can take.

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