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intelli carpet tiles

Signature Floorconcepts vivid carpet tiles feature Antron Legacy® fibre for dynamic colour options, all in stock with tip shear construction. These tiles deliver outstanding soil resistance and provide great durability in commercial installations.

product: intelli tiles, vivid 101
construction: multi level loop & tip shear
yarn/fibre: Antron Legacy® 6.6 nylon
pile weight: 714g/m2
pile height: 4.0mm
gauge: 1/12
tile size: 500mm x 500mm
total thickness: 9.0mm
carton size: 4sqm
co-ordinates: all intelli carpet tiles
total weight: 5.3kg/m2
dimensional stability: <0.15%
backing: Thermo Bak, Comfi Bak (PET)*
electrostatic propensity: <2.0kv
fire rating ISO 9239.1: 9.2 kw/m2 critical radiant flux
recommended adhesive: RLA Polymers GS300
installation method: quarter turn, directional, ashlar
availability: in stock

ExtraHeavyDuty  15Yr-Warranty       in-stock-icon


Seeing is believing

If you would like to see this product  installed in an office, retail store or venue, check out Signature’s Smart Floor Apps.  You can upload a pic of your project  and view all flooring options in place. Email or print the image and product specs that you have selected.

Maroon June 23Dot

Marilyn Merlot 58Dot

Musk Stick 61Dot

Fire Cracker 59Dot

Peachy Keen 55Dot

Pink Flamingo 63Dot

Lip Stick 27Dot

Rosa Rugosa 22Dot

Read Head 35Dot

Spicy Chilli 28Dot

Melon Rouge 57Dot

Carrot Cake 79Dot

Tasty Tangerine 24Dot

Copper Pot 56Dot

Lady Marmalade 53Dot

Mustard Stain 80Dot

Goldy Locks 41Dot

Hairy Canary 25Dot

Wasabi Peas 43Dot

Hold Gold 01Dot

Lime Dime 26Dot

Nutty Pistachio 02Dot

Grassy Knoll 20Dot

Crocodile Rock 48Dot

Green Envy 49Dot

Mean Green 45Dot

Emerald City 47Dot

Jade Away 46Dot

Mint Julep 72Dot

Crunchy Cashew 06Dot

Spray Tan 05Dot

Caramel Delight 09Dot

Smokey Eye 75Dot

Mud Pie 76Dot

Lucky Lilac 65Dot

Fancy Pansy 60Dot

Wild Violet 32Dot

Plum Pudding 33Dot

Grape Escape 68Dot

Purple Haze 66Dot

Polar Express 69Dot

House Mouse 11Dot

Kohl Doll 34Dot

Cool Cats 14Dot

Stone Age 15Dot

Whale Tail 71Dot

Blue Steel 12Dot

Ice Queen 77Dot

Aqua Marine 31Dot

Blue Lagoon 29Dot

Proud Peacock 73Dot

Teal Deal 21Dot

Designer Denim 19Dot

Navy Seal 67Dot

Blue Dude 04Dot

Electric Blue 30Dot

Shell Shocked 50Dot

Run ‘n’ Raisin 78Dot

Hot Chocolate 18Dot

Henna Montana 16Dot

p_vivid17Black Magic 17 Dot