flexo® rubber featuring GreenTag certification

Structures offers bold, solid colours with the advantage of an R10 slip rating and can be combined with Textures and Contours to create breakout zones and feature areas. Flexo® Rubber Flooring can be water jet cut to create unique designs without the lead-time of custom flooring.

product: flexo® rubber, structures
roll width: 1.2m
thickness: 2.0mm
dimensional stability: <0.20%
electrostatic propensity: <2.5kv
fire rating ISO 9239 1: >4.5kw/m2 critical radiant flux
roll size: 15 l/m
installation method: direct stick
recommended adhesive: Signature acrylic rubber
or 2 part adhesive
GreenStar: 100% GreenStar points
certification: GreenTag GreenRate
availability: in stock

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.56.51 PM

ExtraHeavyDuty  15Yr-Warranty   Greenstar slipresistantR10              

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Crushed Velvet 533 Dot

Ink Well 921 Dot

Rock Pool 923Dot

Blue Tongue 871Dot

Palm Tree 841Dot

Olive Branch 802Dot

Honey Bee 009Dot

Orange Peel 510Dot

Rose Petal 052 Dot

Poppy Field 503 Dot

Quail Egg 431 Dot

Mud Brick 462 Dot

Silver Fox 033Dot

Gun Metal 332Dot

Cinder Block 201 Dot

Dark Night 020 Dot