Secret Advantage Underlay


Secret Advantage Underlay

Quality Underlay for Click applications

LVTVSecret Advantage™ Underlay is used with CLICK LVT flooring planks to provide additional performance benefits whilst also facilitating the installation of planks over a variety of sub-floor conditions. Underlay can protect what’s underneath a CLICK LVT floor and be easily removed as nothing is adhered to the floor underneath. This is particularly helpful in leased residential and commercial premises where removing the floor does not cause any damage to the surface below. Underlay can also eliminate costly sub-floor preparation – see LVTV for installation guidelines. Underlay will provide thermal and acoustic benefits, as well as give a more cushioned floor, making your LVT even more comfortable underfoot.

product: secret advantage™ permanent resilient underlayment
mineral fillers & polyurethane binder
total thickness: 1.5mm (± 0.15 mm)
roll format: approx 10m x 1m (10m2 p/roll)
weight: 1.5 kg/m2 (± 0.15 kg/m2)
fire rating: Bfl-s1
acoustic: ΔLw= 12dB in combination with 4.5mm Click LVT AS/NZE 140-8
installation method:
install with CLICK LVT
roll size: 15 kg/roll
manufactured: Europe
availability: in stock
Features & Benefits

•  protects floor beneath
•  fill gaps in sub-floor surface
•  provides thermal insulation
•  provides acoustic insulation
•  adds cushioned comfort
•  makes installation much faster