5 reasons to consider yak wool carpets for your home

When it comes to natural flooring fibres, few will compare to yak wool’s strength, tactility and comfort. But that’s not all. Yak wool is also breathable, allergy-friendly and regulates moisture perfectly. It’s why we’ve recently combined yak wool in our carpets – Brit and Jaro – to multiply those benefits for you and your home.

yak wool carpets


So, what’s unique about yaks?

Yaks are heavily built mountain animals with fur hanging lower than their belly. With long shaggy hair and a dense woolly undercoat that covers the chest, flanks and thighs, yaks stay insulated from the harsh mountainous weather. That’s why, when temperatures drop, yak wool retains heat, contributing to warmer indoor spaces.

signature sheep and yak wool carpets

Benefits of sheep and yak wool carpets 
  • Carpets and rugs offer tactility and textures with loads of walking comfort.
  • They’re hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties – so allergy sufferers need not worry.
  • These wool fibres absorb moisture from the environment without feeling damp – ensuring your spaces stay dry and fresh for longer.
  • Fibres are strong and naturally durable and, with proper maintenance, will last a lifetime.
  • These wool fibres are also extraordinarily thick and multi-layered, making them highly conducive to high traffic areas in your home.

Explore a combination of yak and sheep wool carpets for your home with Brit and Jaro by Signature Wools. Ditch the guesswork and visualise how these carpets will look in your home with Signature’s all-new Floor Visualiser. Get started today.