Ready-to-Wear Axminster



The Axminster
carpet that is
available today

Signature’s Axminster woven carpets, available without the wait.

Ready-to-Wear Axminster is a collection of exclusive Signature designs that are ready and waiting for you. Instead of the lead time normally associated with Axminster quality carpets, Ready-to-Wear is ready and waiting.


Ready-To-Wear Axminster

Premium quality woven carpets

Axminster is a woven carpet using traditional loom methods known for its quality, performance and longevity. Axminster is used extensively throughout the hospitality and corporate sectors for these benefits. Axminster is now primarily a bespoke – or custom made carpet, providing scope for interior designers to design their own carpet solutions. The Axminster Ready-to-Wear Collection has been designed by Signature’s Design Studio, bringing together years of experience to present a range of premium quality Axminster carpets available in-stock. The Ready-to-Wear Collection is suitable for all environments where carpet may be used, but Axminster will far outperform other kinds. Cinemas, restaurants, retail showrooms, schools, libraries, pubs and clubs all prefer Axminster Ready-to-Wear for its many performance benefits.

product: ready-to-wear axminster
backing: polypropylene
yarn/fibre: 80% wool & 20% anti-static nylon 6.6
quality: 39oz 2 ply 8mm
design: carpet width:  design width:  design length:
alba: 362.0cm  set match 120.5cm  set match 172cm
arbor: 362.0cm  set match 120.5cm  set match 115.5cm
atomic: 362.0cm  set match 181cm  drop match 181cm
axis: 362.0cm  drop match 120.5cm  drop match 140cm
bamboo: 362.0cm  set match 181cm  set match 180cm
bloom: 362.0cm  set match 181cm  set match 181cm
brocade: 362.0cm  set match 181cm  set match 205cm
deco: 362.0cm  set match 120cm  set match 122cm
ebony: 362.0cm  set match 60cm  drop match 61cm
grid: 362.0cm  set match 120.5cm  set match 120.5cm
hydra: 362.0cm  set match 181.0cm  drop match 180cm
indigo: 362.0cm  set match 60.0cm  drop match 61cm
mosaic: 362.0cm  set match 181.0cm  set match 182cm
nova: 362.0cm  set match 181.0cm  set match 180cm

Axminster warranties are provided on a project-by-project basis. Please contact your area sales consultant or our office on 1800 150 554 for further information.


p_ready_to_wear810Bloom 810 

Atomic 616 

Axis 774 

Arbor 828 

Grid 820 

Brocade 941 

Alba 904 

Deco 113 

Mosaic 186 

Indigo 199 

p_ready_to_wear194Bamboo 194

Hydra 502 

Nova 655 

Ebony 269