flexo® rubber featuring GreenTag certification

The studded profile of our Contours range is one of the most iconic industrial flooring types available. For the past 20 years, it has been used throughout transit terminals, common areas, stairways, schools, retail outlets and other places that experience high levels of foot traffic. It is a testament to the durability and timeless design offered by our Flexo® Rubber Flooring.

product: flexo® rubber, contours
tile size: 500mm x 500mm
thickness: 3.0mm (including 0.6mm
 stud height)
dimensional stability: <0.20%
electrostatic propensity: <2.5kv
fire rating ISO 9239 1: 9.4kw/m2 critical radiant flux
carton size: 5sqm
installation method: direct stick
recommended adhesive: Signature acrylic rubber
or 2 part adhesive
GreenStar: 100% GreenStar points
certification: GreenTag GreenRate
availability: in stock

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