Responsive Flooring Design with Botanica Carpet Planks

Our latest project showcase sheds light on the newly-built Performing Arts & Learning Centre at Melbourne’s Killester college. Designed by Crosier Scott Architects, the facility’s design supports its arts and performance curriculum. Specifically, it relies on material and colour to provide references to music and dance. In doing so, it effortlessly integrates the new facility into the existing campus.

The college’s dynamic design responds to the current and future needs of its students. A fitting example is the flooring that prioritises both functionality and aesthetics. Here, our beautiful Botanica carpet planks succeed in creating organic, free-flowing spaces even as they combat high foot traffic. While they help balance colour and texture, the flooring also provides walking comfort and acoustic support. 

Studio designer Jack Fillmore says, “The carpet planks have a soft earthy texture with muted charcoals blending throughout the high traffic areas, finally meeting pops of colour near the windows and entrances.”

Speaking about their decision to work with Signature, Virginia Hellstrom, Project Coordinator at Crosier Scott Architects, adds, “I love using new products that exemplify quality, great design and are from an Australian-owned company. Signature Floors checked all those boxes for us.”

Products featured: Botanica Carpet Planks
Designer: Crosier Scott Architects

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