Coastal Flow

As an island continent defined by a striking 37,000 km coastline – Australia’s love for the ocean is no secret. It represents a volley of emotions from exhilarating adventure to romantic getaways. And, it’s no wonder that the ocean is a source of constant nostalgia and thrill. In this inspiration series titled Coastal Flow, we bring you custom carpet and rug designs inspired by the ocean’s ebb and flow. coastal flow

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Introducing Signature Studio‘s brand-new custom carpet designs inspired by the ocean’s sparkling and azure waters.  Titled Coastal Flow, this series paints a stunning picture and is reminiscent of an ocean getaway. As a result, carpets and rugs sport fresh patterns and colours. All while capturing the rhythmic and random flow of water.

coastal flow

The choice of colours succeeds in creating a calming oasis within commercial interiors. In turn, it offers a more profound sense of comfort and peace. These designs also help create a statement interior, especially within hospitality, workplace or education settings. In addition to aesthetic value, they provide underfoot comfort and offer acoustic support, in turn, creating quieter spaces.

Through this design series – the Studio also explores a growing consciousness. Especially when it comes to supporting our natural environs and rebuilding a connection with water. Coastal Flow’s custom carpet and rug designs bring the magic of the ocean indoors.

coastal flow

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